Brunch in New York – Our Top 3 Spots

Brunch at Cookshop NYC – 2Guys with friend and travelling companion Peter.

No one does brunch like the Americans; after all they were the ones to create this made up meal in the first place. And in our mind, no other city does Brunch Like New York. Cue the ‘Sex in the City’ Theme Music.

On our recent Visit to New York City we made it a mission to experience the best Brunch Manhattan had to offer. We soon found that Brunch is serious business (read ‘competitive’) in New York. You don’t want to miss out on this experience.We recommend booking and a least a month in advance if you can – We used Opentable to secure our bookings.

Here are THE top 3 brunch spots to hit in NYC that will satisfy both your brunch and cravings, recommended by bonafide locals with a finger firmly on the pulse of New York………   IF you can get in.

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Reasons We love to Travel #1

By Shaun@2GuysTravelling

There are many reasons why we both love to travel.

If nothing else, travel delivers the sense of freedom from our day-to-day lives.

Along with that sense of freedom is the  excitement and anticipation we feel when we arrive at the airport, train station or cruise terminal, knowing that we are heading off on a new adventure. And no matter how much we plan our travels, we have no control over the unexpected people we will meet, the unexpected adventures, and those great experiences we will take with us as memories well in to the future.

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My First Foray in to Travel Writing

By Shaun (aged 11)

Have you ever thought about the passions you have as an adult that you had even as a young child?  Or the Passions that you had as a child, which you have had to give away as adult responsibilities took over?

Its been said that the passions you have as a child speak strongly to your true passions, the things that you are naturally drawn to, that they must never be forgotten and should be nurtured as an adult. But life, responsibilities and the influences of others often intervene, meaning we lose touch with our childhood passions in adulthood.

Which of your favourite childhood passions are still a major part of your adult life today?

And which passions are lying there, dormant, begging to be brought back to life?

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The 2 Guys don’t have a whole bunch of traditional hobbies but a lot of our recreation time does tend to involve food and drink – whether its going out to eat and drink at great venues, buying things to eat and drink at home, or going out to buy things to wear so that we look great when we go out to eat and drink. You get the picture!

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